Company Introduction

公司照片The earliest manufacturer achieved industrialization of medium molecular weight hydroxyethyl starches API. 

Biggest exports of medium molecular weight hydroxyethyl starches API in China.

Wuhan HUST Life Science & Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in July 2005, specialized in manufacturing and distributing APIs & intermediates, researching and developing chemical & pharmaceutical products, supporting technology transfer & service, and developing relative import & export business. The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Wuhan Singsnow Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,and a holding subsidiary – Tianjing Haoyang Biological Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Located in the national independent innovation model zone—Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, based on powerful technical support from Huazhong University of Science and  Technology, the company aims high and strives to become a professional manufacturer of polysaccharide and polymer pharmaceutical products.

The company’s leading products - medium molecular weight (Mw) Hydroxyethyl Starches (HES) API, which preparations serve as mainstream products of plasma substitute in the world as the preferred remedy for curing and preventing hypovolemia shock. During the developing, the company takes the lead in four aspects: as the first to have made breakthrough in terms of HES200/0.5 production technology; as the first to have achieved HES200/0.5 industrialization; take the lead in China in product quality at EP standard; as the first in China to have achieved exports of HES200/0.5 & HES130/0.4 products.

The company’s hydroxyethyl starch synthesis technology research won the first prize of Hubei Scientific and Technological Progress Award. It has achieved two invention patents, completed the registration of medium Mw HES APIs in four foreign countries and exported products to dozen countries. It has become the largest specialized manufacturer of medium Mw HES APIs in China.

Consistent in the development direction of polymer pharmaceutical products and in the spirit of dedication for manufacturing, the company achieved the serialization of medium Mw hydroxyethyl starches APIs; it is able to provide Pentastarch, Hetastarch and Tetrastarch; special specification HES is also able to be manufactured under contract; moreover it extends towards polymer iron-supplementary and polysaccharide medicine. The company reserves numerous polymer-related medicine projects that are developed early with high technological content and promising future, which instills vigor and exerts delayed effect on the development of the enterprise.

The company is located in the side of beautiful Tangxun Lake, which enhances our responsibility to protect the environment. Prevent at the source, improve technology level constantly, reduce emissions, compliance of pollution control, the company adhere to live in harmony with the environment and sustainable development.

Our enterprise culture is being “Efficient, Rigorous, Realistic and Cooperative”. Based on highly-professional technology, management personnel, superb production process and outstanding product quality, we are footed at China and oriented at the world to seek healthy development growth of the enterprise.

We are proud of our product, we are even prouder that our products bring health to the people in need.

Mission: Exceed customer demand, contribute to human health.
Vision: Globalized professional manufacturer of polymer medicine.
Culture: Efficient, Rigorous, Realistic and Cooperative.
Environment Guideline: Protect and live in harmony with the environment.